MoraKniv of Sweden product added

Close to six months ago I signed up for a class with Tony Nester at Ancient Pathways, a survival and bushcraft school, and started packing my bags for two days in Arizona.  The course was a ‘modern survival’ course based off of the bug out bag or get home bag concept.  While packing gear I had to choose which blade(s) I felt were most appropriate for the course.  I snagged one of my general purpose fixed blades and my Chris Reeves Sebenza as well as a Leatherman multi-tool along with an assortment of other gear and caught my flight.  After arriving at class I got a quick intro to the school and Tony made a small list of products available for students to purchase on sight; products that he personally vouched for and had good experience with during his extensive time in the field.  One of those items was a MoraKniv.  Being one to ‘immerse’ myself in what instructors have to offer I opted to pick up one of the knives and use it during the two day course.

While I had heard of Mora Knives prior to this course I had always ignorantly shunned them because of the price point and the fact that they weren’t full tang.  I mean how can a sub $20 knife that looks like it would be sold next to the register at a bait and tackle shop be a formidable tool of survival and fieldcraft?  Admittedly a bit elitist and looking back a bit off base.  In regards to the lack of full tang construction it doesn’t hold back the functionality or durability of the knife even when performing aggressive maneuvers like batoning.  All that said, Mora has recently released a full tang model that should be delivered mid-2016 albeit with a $100 price tag.
After talking with Tony about why he likes the Mora knives I started to appreciate his selection and wish I had given them a chance sooner.  At a $20-25 MSRP and street price of $15-20 depending on model and features you can get a razor sharp ~4 inch carbon steel blade that holds an edge, is easy to sharpen, and even functions as a striker (important to choose carbon steel models for this) that comes with rubber handle and a polymer sheath.  A great option at a price point that allows users to stash them in contingency bags, vehicles, tool boxes, tackle boxes, around the house, caches, etc or to keep for barter or as gifts to build relationships in the field.

For initial addition to the site I went with the Companion HD with carbon steel blade in a subdued green and hi-viz orange depending on the environment you are working in.  The HD or Heavy Duty models feature a 3.2mm blade, compared to the 2.0mm blade on the standard Companion for added strength although at a slight compromise to blade flex that some find nice during some operations.

Product pages:
MoraKniv Companion HD – Orange

MoraKniv Companion HD – Military Green


Keep an eye out for other MoraKniv products, mods, and general information in the future.

Stay Sharp,
-Mike G
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