NJ Home Invasion, some take aways

This video of a vicious home invasion in NJ has been making the rounds all day.  Add a story about a assault and battery in a line waiting for tennis shoes and a woman who calls 911 and the dispatcher advises her that the local sherriff has no personell on duty and the state police are not available.  Three separate incidents that highlight the fact that you are on your own during the minutes preceeding and following an attack.  It is what you do during this time that will decide your fate.  Luckily for this family she survived despite the best efforts of the bad guy.  That being said, this perpetrator should have been the one laying in the floor unable to move in response to overwhelming force.

Step 1:  Be aware.  Many people walk through life believing that bad things only happen on the news, other countries, or the other side of town, never to them.  If you don’t acknowledge that something bad can happen to you it will be very difficult to prepare for bad things that may happen.

Step 2:  Take precautions.  Precautions are very basic steps that can be taken, often without any expense, and easily developed into habits.  In the case of being at home, the first step is to keep the doors and windows locked.  This step will dissuade many home invaders of the opportunity type.  Those that wish to proceed will have to overcome the strength of the lock/door/window/etc affording anyone inside time and warning to respond to an attack and in the case of an empty house forcing entry leaves evidence and will possibly alert neighbors.  This seems like a common sense habit but I am amazed at how many home invasions I read about where the perpetrator simply walked into an unlocked home.  Think it is odd to keep your door locked while at home?  Consider how many projects and activities you do in your home where a stealthy invader could make it inside and close the distance with you and your family.  Similar precautions can be taken when out of the home such as locking your car door.  Sitting in venues where you can see entrances and exits, etc.  All of these precautions give you advanced notice of an attack IF you are paying attention.  Advanced notice = time and time = survival.

Step 3:  Be Prepared.  Many who read this blog are already gun owners and most of this blog seems like I am preaching to choire but it needs to be said.  There is evil in the world and they will use deadly physical force against you for no other reason than you are in their path (see video).  Being prepared mentally, physically, and logistically to respond in kind is what will increase your chances of survival should your AWARENESS and PRECAUTIONS not keep you out of the path of destruction.  Remember, the good guys can do everything right but the bad guy still gets a vote.  Carry your gun!  Train to use it!

Step 4:  Have a plan.  You need to wargame.  When you are at home you should have a plan of attack/defense, hardened fall back points within the home that improve your ability to fight by channeling your attackers and reducing their avenues of assault, and pre-stage the ability to fight, communicate, and treat wounds resulting from the fight.  This may seem like overkill but it can be as simple as stashing a pistol, trauma kit, and burner cell phone in the night stand of your bedroom or some other appropriate location in your home.  Remember this plan is useless if you live in home with others but you are the only one that knows about it.

Simply following these steps increases your chances of never being involved in such a situation, attackers tend to avoid hard targets but if your day comes you will at least be prepared to respond.

Spread the word, many times I find that the same people who refuse to carry or even own a gun because they won’t accept that evil exists also won’t take simple steps like paying attention to their surroundings or simply locking their doors.

Until next time, stay sharp.

-Mike G

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