Sentinel Design Magwell Update

I get a lot of questions about when the Glock Compact frame (G19/23) model will be available.  I also get questions about when the Gen 4 full size model will be available.  I am putting this update together to keep people up to date.

Currently Sentinel Designs is working on the Glock 19/23 model and the intent is to work it out so that it will work with both Gen 3, and Gen 4 small and medium configuration.  After that is released and remaining stock of the current batch of full size frame models is exhausted the Gen 4 compatible full size model is planned to be released.

I get a lot of emails asking APC/SD to hurry up and get the product to market.  We most certainly want to get this done and get the product on the shelf.  That being said it is a pretty large investment in each batch that we do, roughly $25-30,000 to get the quantity pricing necessary to make the product affordable for you the customer.  Beyond the financial investment, both companies are dedicated to making certain that the product is ready when the drawings go off to the machinist.  This requires multiple prototypes and time for evaluation of each iteration.  The current design is pretty well fleshed out for the compact model and the final prototypes are being ordered soon.

I think I speak for both Clint at Sentinel Design when I say we both appreciate all the support and interest in the current product as well as the upcoming models but please be patient as we work to get them out.  As of right now there is not a hard ETA on release.  To clarify, I could give you a date but it would be based on no hard facts.  Once I have hard info I will release it here and on the APC facebook page.


Thanks again and stay sharp,

Mike G

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