Remington 870 Salvage Project Part 2

Back in November I posted the article:  Remington 870 Salvage Project Part 1. The beginning of a short series on reviving one of the most prevalent shotguns on the US market today and while I have not been able to finish the project due to the great panic of 2012-13 I wanted to post an update. Quite a bit of the gun is complete, once I can put hands on the last few parts it will be time to hit a shotgun class.

To review, the shot gun started as a basic Remington 870 Express Magnum with 28″ vent rib barrel. Measurements: Length 47.75-48″, Weight 7lb 6.8oz (unloaded) and costing me $159.50 after tax.

As of today, the measurements are: 37.5″, Weight 7lb 8.4oz (unloaded). Below is a breakdown of the mods with pricing:

-Remington 18″ Barrel Police with rifle sights, parkerized, Improved Cylinder: $189.99
Note: I sold the stock barrel for $75 to help offset the cost of the new barrel.
-Vang Comp Big Speed Safety for Remington Pattern Shotguns: $11.99
-MagPul FDE Stock for Remington 870: $109.95
-MagPul FDE Forend for Remington 870: $29.95
-MagPul SGA Receiver Sling Mount: $19.95
-Blue Force Gear Single Point Sling: Recycled (Free)

Total cost of accessories to date: $286.83

870 salvage part 2

Total cost as shown:  $446.33

To do list:

-Add factory magazine extension

-Add MagPul Forward Sling Mount

-Change single point sling to BFG VCAS sling

-Add white light solution

-Add Raven Concealment/ARES Gear Shotshell Carrier

-Texture Forend or eval hand stop

-Shoot the crap out of this thing…

Once I get some more of this project completed I will post up.  Until then, stay sharp.

-Mike G

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