Glock Armorer Services

For some time I have been working on Glock Pistols for friends but have not been publicizing the service.  Since I get a fair amount of requests for services I figured I would throw a pricing sheet together for some popular services.

Annual Inspection and Cleaning:  $35

Glock recommends an annual inspection and cleaning by a factory certified armorer.  This service takes roughly an hour and includes complete disassembly of the pistol (with the exception of sights) and a single magazine, cleaning and inspection of all components, reassembly, lubrication, and completion of Glock Armorer checks.  The customer will be provided with an inspection form and will be advised of any parts that are recommended be replaced.  Replacement parts will be installed upon approval of customer.  Customer is responsible for cost of parts but installation is included in the inspection fee.

Annual Inspection and Cleaning with  Proactive parts replacement:  $65

This service is recommended for high round count guns, duty guns, and used guns of unknown duty life.  While Glock pistols are extremely durable and reliable they are still mechanical tools that require a minimum amount of maintenance to perform correctly.  This upgraded service is recommended for pistols used in the defense of life as well as those that see high round counts.  In addition to the Annual Inspection and Cleaning the customer gets proactive replacement of the following parts

  • Trigger Pin
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Recoil Spring and Guiderod Assembly (RSA)
  • Trigger Return Spring
  • Mag Release Spring
  • Slide Lock Spring
  • Firing Pin Spring

Replacement of these parts ensures that your gun is in top notch condition and in some cases prevents permanent damage to the frame and/or locking block.  The customer will be provided with all original parts.

Part installation:  $10 for first two parts, $5 for each additional.  This does not include sights.

Installation of Glock “-” 4.5 pound Connector:  $35

Sight installation:  $25 for customer supplied, $15 for sights purchased from APC.  Sights will be installed to a mechanical zero.

APC is constantly adding new Glock brand parts as well as aftermarket parts for the Glock platform.  Check out our selection here.
The fine print:  APC is not an FFL so all services will be limited to customers local to the Richmond, VA area.  Should you absolutely need to send me a gun from outside the area I can arrange for transfer via a local FFL but a significant service charge will be incurred by the customer.  To request services please email to arrange a meet up and schedule service.  Limited services will be available when I travel to trade shows and training.

Look for more services to be available soon including work on the AR platform.  I am still working on getting the workshop setup for faster turn around on AR pattern work.


Mike G

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2 Responses to Glock Armorer Services

  1. Stuart Ashton says:

    Do you have a sight pusher?

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