Long Term Food Review – Wise Co – Teriyaki Chicken And Rice

Tonight’s meal was the Wise Food Company Teriyaki Chicken And Rice. Overall I was very disappointed in this meal. While e packaging and prep still rank high because it used the same concept of all the Wise Co meals the contents were not appetizing enough to even make it to the portion rating. In order to confirm I was not have a picky pallet tonight I gave some to the wife without telling her my opinion on the dish and got the same response from her. She didn’t make past one bite.

The smell when prepping the meal was not very appetizing but I had hoped I could press through and the flavor would be more tolerable. Texture wasn’t bad but definitely didn’t make up for the taste.

For the scores:
-Packaging 4
-Ease of prep 4
-Flavor 1
-Texture 3
-Portion sizing 4 – didn’t really matter.

If you have this one in your disaster pantry make sure you have plenty of hot sauce.

Until next time, stay sharp.

-Mike G

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3 Responses to Long Term Food Review – Wise Co – Teriyaki Chicken And Rice

  1. James Robinson says:

    Try a Mountain House meal alongside a similar Wise Foods one. MH is a little more pricey, but less salt and more taste in my opinion.

    • apcmikeg says:

      I have eaten a lot of Mountain House meals over the years and they are good but they also have a few turds in the line up. One major issue with Mountain House these days is availability. Apparently they are filling some large contract orders and have significant delays in delivery.

      • rykyard says:

        Costco contracted a big order with Mountain House, 10 entree boxes for ~$40/box. All the same selection: 2 beef stew, 2 lasagna w/meatsauce, 3 chicken teriyaki w/rice, 3 beef stroganoff w/noodles. I bought a few boxes and hoped to get more online, but they didn’t have them available at costco.com and i haven’t seen them in any local stores again. $4 a pop is a damn good price for MH.

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