Long Term Food Review – Wise Co – Cheesy Lasagna and Beef

Over the next few weeks to months I will be reviewing as many long term foods as I can get my hands on and try to provide a standardized system for evaluation. The scoring will go as follows:

-Packaging 1-5
-Ease of prep 1-5
-Flavor 1-5
-Texture 1-5
-Portion sizing 1-5

The better the food the higher the score. Portion sizing is based on advertised portion, so if a meal packet says two servings the prepared meal is split in two for evaluation.

Tonight’s meal is the Cheesy Lasagna and Beef from Wise Company. This packet was part of a 72 hour Emergency Food Kit that provides 4 servings per day for a total of 12 servings. The individual packets get a good score but the kit comes in a cardboard box that has a fair amount of wasted space and would not stand up to much in the way of moisture or bugs. Preparation is easy, simple pour in two cups of boiling water, stir and let sit. The uncooked appearance of the meal was promising as I could easily distinguish actual noodles instead of just small chunks or powder. Once the food was prepped and I split the servings I chowed down. The flavor and texture get high marks as well. It is no homemade lasagna but pretty tasty for coming out of a bag that is supposed to have a shelf life measured in decades. The portion size is reasonable, I wasn’t stuffed but I wasn’t hungry either. If I had to have a high level of output I would need more food but a single serving is enough to let you know that you have eaten and keep you functional. Eat both servings and you should be full.

For the scores:
-Packaging 4
-Ease of prep 4
-Flavor 3.5
-Texture 3.5
-Portion sizing 4

In addition to the lasagna I had a Nalgene bottle full of Wise Co Orange Delight. This stuff is like crack. The flavor is great. It doesn’t taste like orange juice it just tastes like something between Tang and Orange Gatorade. Tasty.

I will post back with any associated GI complaints if there are any.

Until next time, stay sharp.


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