Essential Clothing – SmartWool Socks

Part of my Essentials Collection that I use functionally every day is SmartWool socks, in particular the Light Hiker variant or what SmartWool now calls the Hike Light model. I started using SmartWool in the late ’90s with a couple pairs of Light Hiker socks and have used a variety of their products including the Hike Medium Crew, PhD Outdoor Medium Crew, PhD Outdoor Light Micro, Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew, and the Hike Liner Crew along with an assortment of non-sock items.

SmartWool has always made an excellent product and while I use a variety of different sock models the Light Hikers/ Hike Lights are my go to for daily wear. They wick moisture away, help keep your feet warm when it is cold and cool even in the scorching desert heat of Iraq. They are super soft out of the dryer and stay fairly soft even when worn day after day without the opportunity to do laundry and they hold up to the rigors and abuses of duty and adventure.


Here is a couple pairs with a few hundred miles on them and hundreds of miles to go. So, if you need a reliable set of socks for your day to day, a deployment, or go bag choose SmartWool and you will be good to go.

Until next time, stay sharp.

-Mike G

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