Black Hills Ammo Details

I have had a Black Hills account for a few years and never made much use of it. That is about to change. With the lack of ammo at any price I contacted them to get details on delivery times. At SHOT they quoted me September to October for orders placed that week. I am going to be placing regular orders with them for a variety of ammo to help satisfy training and practice needs as well as defensive loads.

Below is what the current pricing looks like and are subject to change. This price does not include shipping and if you live within driving range of Richmond, VA a meet up can be arranged.

New Production (NOT Remanufactured) RED BOX
55gr FMJ — $600/1000rds
62gr Barnes TSX — $1320/1000rds
77gr Sierra MatchKing HP — $925/1000rds

62gr TSX — $675/500rds
77gr OTM — $470/500rds

168gr Match HP — $650/500rds
175gr Match HP — $720/500rds

Remanufactured BLUE BOX
55gr FMJ — $505/1000rds
77gr Sierra MatchKing HP — $700/1000rds

Due to the volume of ammo being ordered and the potential of Black Hills to deliver ahead of schedule payment must be up front and once ammo arrives actual freight will be assessed and charged prior to being shipped. Cancellation of order will incur a 5% processing charge. Shipping will be via UPS or FedEx at the discretion of Austere Provisions Company.

I will be ordering approximately 10-20,000 rounds in each order and selling ‘spots in line’ and filling them as the ammo arrives. Once I sell out of an orders worth of ammo I will place another. If you do not see the particular round you are interested in listed please contact me for pricing and I can add the item to the next order.

If you have any questions please contact me at mike AT

Need more than 5,000 rounds of the same type? Get in touch with me and I will price it for you. The discount isn’t going to be heavy as there isn’t much margin but every penny helps.

Orders can be placed via email or product pages will be put up on the website once first order is placed.

Thanks and stay sharp,
Mike G

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2 Responses to Black Hills Ammo Details

  1. apcmikeg says:

    Update on this: I submitted a PO last night and was notified this morning that the .223 remanufactured was 12-18 months out, red box .223 is 12-15 months, and .308 red box is 8-10 months out. The PO will stand but I am not taking any money until I am within a 6-9 month window since I am not comfortable with holding people’s money for that long. Too many factors can change in 12-18 months. I will keep you all updated.

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