Carbine Field Cleaning Kit

For the last few months I have been looking into putting together a Carbine Field Cleaning Kit for sale through the website.  The basis of this kit is from what I have used for the last few years and had pretty good success with.  I have traveled the full spectrum of cleaning kits and processes from the standard issue kit with rod segments that thread together with various tips and brushes, patches, CLP, and a little bag to  OTIS cable kits, to a tool box packed up for classes with a host of aerosols, greases, oils, and liquids and a whole host of tools to a $200 assortment of patches, rods, links, adapters, guides, etc that I was sold on when working in Iraq as the best way to keep my fighting gun clean.

While I do maintain a fairly comprehensive setup in my shop the components that I use the most stay in a zip baggy in my training gear and consists of a high quality oil/CLP (Slip 2000 EWL), an armorers brush, a disposable rag, a handful of oversized patches, and a boresnake.  The purpose of the kit is keeping the gun at a functional level of cleanliness while in the field.  I won’t be subjecting the gun to a white glove inspection or seasoning any barrels, I will be keeping it running while training for a fight and it is the same kit I would stuff in my pocket or my ruck if I was walking out to a fight.  The kit includes just enough gear to recover from a hard day’s exposure to the elements or the rigors of dumping a basic loads worth of ammo or more and resetting my gear.


Here is the package all wrapped up ready to stash away.


Here is the kit ready to be used.

Now some of you may be asking, what is up with the oversized patches? A few years ago I ended up with a bunch of these and started using them when cleaning guns as small disposable rags. This keeps me from trashing my main rag each time I go over the gun and they are a little more abrasive than the main rag for getting stubborn gunk off the bolt and bolt carrier and the other internals of the common carbine.

When I am done I toss the three patches and stow the rag and remaining gear to get back to business.

Look for a very similar kit to be available shortly from Austere Provisions Company.

Until next time, stay sharp,

-Mike G


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1 Response to Carbine Field Cleaning Kit

  1. Yancey Harrington says:

    Good idea here… I had basically the same thing while working abroad for 2 years… I stayed away from having US MIL looking cleaning kit… and used the snake… took off the EWL sticker… looked like anything other than a weapons cleaning kit. Well done Austere!

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