Essential Clothing – The Watch Cap

I have some essentials that I generally always take with me when out and about. These are not my EDC pocket items but sort of core items of clothing that I keep around and always have when traveling. The first and one of the ones I always keep stashed in my pack or pocket is a good watch cap. A good quality watch cap can be a vey useful item, acting as a glove for picking up hot items, a rag, an eye covering for grabbing some quick Zs, or just a simple watch cap to warm up. I particularly like all wool caps but they are not always the most fashionable. Sown in the photo below you will see a standard fleece watch cap, an older GI style all wool watch cap, and an Arc’teryx watch cap. The fleece one is comfortable for lounging around the house or heading to the gym but is not my first choice for off path travel due to lack of heat resistance when using to pick up hot items such as a mug of boiling water off the fire. It excels in being lightweight, breathes fairly well while being wind resistant. The Arc’teryx one satisfies the same requirements as the black one but doesn’t stand out during a trip into town, and of corse it is the dirty bird so it gets extra points up front for style. The old school GI model wins for function, they are warm, keeps the wind out moderately well, fire/flame resistant from natural fibers, warm even when wet but wins no style points and stands out in certain environments.

So, choose wisely and create a small collection for yourself. Watch caps do wonders at keeping you warm, weigh nearly nothing, and have a variety of other uses. A definite essential.
Essential clothing

Until next time, stay sharp,

Mike G

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3 Responses to Essential Clothing – The Watch Cap

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks Mike and a good jump start for many to buy more than one. I have a lined Columbia that is good in theory and for lounging but as soon as you hit the trail you have to come out of it. Having two on hand on the trail or on mission plus a ball cap is often a good idea as environmentals and activity level change.

  2. Zombease says:

    Great post! You should check out Hoo-Rag as an option as well. We did a full review of them here:

  3. Tony says:

    Great article. I keep them in my car, my packs, jacket pocket when out in the woods, and even in my desk at work. I have tons of the green fleece ones from clothing sales because they are cheap and available. I rock the same dirty bird as shown above in town as well as a few others for specific things so I don’t stand out so badly.

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