Be Heard

It should be no guess what the stance of APC is on firearms ownership, we support it. It is more than just a matter of our business, firearms ownership and the Second Amendment is something I am passionate about and that is the reason I am in this business. I believe in the right of a free people to be able to defend themselves.

Statistics show that when you take away guns at the local, state, or national level criminals flourish and in particular violent crime rates. Beyond that, history shows us that governments eager to disarm their citizens create an environment where abuses of power can go unchecked.

Let your elected officials know how you feel directly by contacting them and voicing your position. Go to to find your representatives at the federal level.

After you contact your reps directly be sure to support organizations that stand for the Second Amendment by making donations and purchasing memberships:
National Rifle Association
Gun Owners of America
Second Amendment Foundation

I am cutting this one short, get to it and BE HEARD!

Until next time, stay sharp,

Mike G

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