Educate yourself

I have been absent from the blog for the last few weeks and wanted to take a quick moment to hit a few talking points.

The first is the title of this post:  Educate Yourself.
-Educate yourself on current events and politics. Do not accept what is spoon fed to you and look at things with a suspicious eye.
-Educate yourself on self-reliance. Learn the basics of repair around your home, your vehicle, and your gear room, and of course your body.
-Educate yourself on defense. Defense at all levels, how to make yourself, your home, and your family into a hard target.
-Educate yourself on concepts. The opposite of the concept is a cookbook, a cookbook is finite whereas a short list of concepts offer infinite possibilities.
-Knowledge, once owned can not be taken by another but only neglected by the owner.

The next is Be Prepared, the Boy Scout Motto. I grew up in Scouting and use what I learned there as a guidebook for life.
-Being prepared is being able to feed yourself and your family.
-Being prepared is being able to defend yourself and your family.
-Being prepared is knowing the difference between wants and needs.
-Being prepared is knowing the values you believe in and why they are important to stand for them.

As of the posting of this blog there is four days left in the calendar year. In five days the US will either have a budget or we will tumble off of a fiscal cliff while our elected officials bicker about who gets what and who pays for it. I have heard many people say January 1 will be the beginning of the end if we go over the cliff and many others say it won’t matter. I can tell you for certain that the image of our representatives not being able to agree on something will not paint us in a positive light with any of our international allies or enemies.

There is no better day than today to educate yourself and work towards being prepared.

Until next time, stay sharp.

Mike G


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