Remington 870 Salvage Project Part 1

Recently I picked up a Remington 870 for a pretty decent deal and while it was not in the configuration I would normally use I thought it would make a good host for a project gun. The gun started out as a Remington 870 Express Magnum with a 28″ vent rib barrel with a silver bead front sight, wood furniture, and a four round (2-3/4″ shell) magazine capacity.

A few stats on the gun:

-Bought used for $159.50 after tax and background check fee

-Measurements:  Length 47.75-48″, Weight 7lb 6.8oz (unloaded).

870 OEM

Plans: My intended goal for the gun is to make it into a defensive shotgun that can be used for classes or as an option in my personal defense spectrum of guns. I am more of a carbine guy when it comes to long guns but there is no reason to outright exclude the shotgun as an option. With that in mind here is a laundry list of improvements, some of which may be omitted, modified, or I may bend up adding others on:

-Replace barrel with an 18″ Police barrel with rifle sights
-Add magazine extension (undecided on front sling point).
-Replace wood fore-end with Magpul fore-end.
-Evaluate side saddle options
-Replace safety with oversized option (Wilson/Scattergun or other)
-Replace wood stock with Magpul stock.
-Evaluate Rear slingpoint (either rear receiver or use integral option to stock)
-Add a white light.
-Either refinish in house or have sent to refinish.
-Shoot the crap out of this thing and build up shotgun skills, techniques, and procedures.

So, keep an eye out for follow on posts to track the progress of this project.

Stay sharp,

Mike G

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