Get your batteries organized…

No matter what your profession or hobby you most likely have gear that runs on batteries, from commo gear to low light gear we use more batteries today than ever.  Here is a solution to loose batteries in pouches and foot lockers as well as reducing the opportunity for batteries shorting out and inadvertently draining themselves or self destructing.


You could ditch the commercial packaging and dump into a baggy but you still have the possible shortage issue and when add multiple sizes of batteries it can take a little digging to find the ones you are looking for.

Instead, try breaking out some duct tape and a sharpie.

I generally try to buy bulk packs of 16 or more standard size (AA and AAA) batteries at a time and divide them up into flats of eight batteries each.  Lay out a strip of duct tape, approximately nine inches for eight AAA batteries and approximately 12 inches for eight AA batteries.  This will allow you to wrap both sides of the batteries with some overlap to secure them all.


Now break out the sharpie and mark when the batteries were repackaged and the indicated shelf date posted on the batteries. I do this in two spots on the batteries, generally each block of 4 units. This way when you use some of the batteries you don’t loose all your info. This step can be omitted if you plan on using the batteries in the immediate future but I will say I generally just go ahead and do it. I have found batteries approaching their expiration date when digging through old gear and kit bags. In the end you can always pull the tape off but for large stores of gear this allows you to more easily use first in first out to make sure all your limited life items are as fresh as possible.


Now back to the baggy, and repeat for all your other batteries. When I have the opportunity I like to color code AA and AAA. This allows me to know what I have at a glance and high-vis helps me find what I am looking for even in a dark assault pack under light discipline.


Need some batteries or need to hand some off to a team mate. Just tear off what you need and everything stays organized. Not just that but you have some extra duct tape if you need to mark or repair something.


So, keep this in mind next time you are prepping for a trip or rehabbing gear for the next adventure.

Until then, stay sharp.

Mike G

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1 Response to Get your batteries organized…

  1. Rich says:

    Great ideas on your blog Mike! One thing I would add to this: instead of regular ole ziplock bags I use the heavy bags that single PMAGS are packed in, they are about perfect dimensionally for batteries and much more robust. (credit to madkow for that idea).

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