Making Good Choices

Before I get started with today’s post I want to take a moment and thank all Veterans for their sacrifices and signing that blank check to Uncle Sam. The world would not be the same without you.

It has been quite a while since I did a blog entry and wanted to get this one out quickly before heading off to work for the day. There have been a lot of thought provoking events lately. Hurricane Sandy, the more recent nor’easter that has followed on to complicate the issue, the election (if you feel it will negatively impact your life), the looming fiscal cliff (acknowledged by both parties as a problem), the potential for inflation due to ‘printing’ more and more money, and the list goes on of both very realistic hurdles for us to overcome and some that are less realistic.

Something to remember when you start to feel overwhelmed or unsure of which direction to go is to sit down and think of the positives and negatives to components of your plans or lack thereof. Is it the best idea to go and max out your credit card to buy every gun you ever wanted and leave no funds in your bank account or buffer on your credit card to afford food for your family? I don’t think anyone would say yes.

So, look for regular entries about making good choices for being prepared for life whether things go bad or not.

Stay Sharp,
Mike G

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