Do your homework

Yesterday I posted some details about prep for hurricane Irene. I wanted to follow up on how the schedule is coming and add a few bits of info.

As you may have remembered, the following was my list for today:


-Exchange empty propane tank for grills. While I have a couple that I rotate through there is no sense in having an empty sitting around with a chance of needing it.

-Plus up on water and staples from the wholesale club for the time frame of event. While I usually fill up Klean Kanteens or Nalgenes from a filter having fresh bottled water available in smaller than gallon containers is helpful. Once the freezer and frig are stocked I fill the dead space with water. Once cool/cold they act as a buffer should the power go out.

-Plus up on any disposables that are down and add the expected time period of disruption.

-Address any issues found during walk around of structure.

-Secure any items that may be damaged by wind or water (either rain or expected flooding).

All goals were met for the day with relative ease and efficiency due to having a plan and schedule. This prevented being overwhelmed at the last minute. By the time the Virginia Department of Emergency Management announced that the Governor had declared a state of emergency via it’s Facebook account the groceries and disposables had been purchased at the wholesale club and the list was half way done. No lines and less than $150 spent on items that will be used anyway. No waste.

Having VDEM as a ‘Like’ on Facebook allows me to keep up with info while on the move. Similar resources are likely available for your area as government agencies work to show functionality. Using social media is a much more streamlined avenue than some of the older methods such as websites, text messages, and hotlines.

In addition to seeing the VDEM updates I have kept up with which has detailed analytics of the storm. Remember that information is power and knowing where to get that information is key to not wasting time. I like to have both objective and subjective sources. While weather prediction is an educated guess in most cases I like to view the ‘charts’ as well as be able to check out what the media outlets have to say.

Anyway, time to get some shut eye. Until tomorrow.

Stay Sharp,


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