It’s been a while. It has been pretty busy here at Austere Provisions Company as we work on expanding our product line up from trusted manufacturers as well as work on developing a number of new projects.

Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for news. The first item is a morale and mindset patch.

From Product Releases

A reminder to yourself and team mates that walking the warrior path is a thinking mans game and the ultimate weapon in dominating your environment is the brain.

This patch stemmed from a group of colleagues I am working with to bring some great new concepts to production to make it easier. Look for more details on this group at a later time.

One of the products that we are in final production with is a 2-1 sling device. I have had this idea on the drawing board since late 2007 – early 2008 time frame. At the time I was working in Iraq doing static security and I spent quite a bit of time in and out of vehicles, checking OP/LPs, walking posts or spending time at ECPs and the like. I preferred a single point sling for the ease of getting the gun on target but a two point was much more comfortable for ‘walking the beat’ and the combination of an adjustable sling (BFG VCAS or VTAC padded sling) and ‘wrapping the gun up’ made life easier when going hands on for searches or climbing ladders, etc. Not being satisfied with a one or the other solution I started brainstorming solutions. I came up with a couple of solutions and side lined the project while first getting APC stood up.

Fast forward to December 2010, I discussed this project with Clint Lynch of Sentinel Design and we started working on executing the concept. Below you can see the pre-production short run for testing.

From Product Releases

While I am a bit partial I will say that I am really stoked with how this turned out and can’t wait to get these on the shelf. The first run is planned to be in FDE (Flat Dark Earth) followed by black as an option in later batches. As depicted in the picture the center hole is for slings with QD connections, the outer holes act both to reduce weight and allow HK hooks or mash hooks to be clipped in should you perform those parts or are using weapons that do not support QD connections. Speaking of weight reduction, the sample shown in the picture is functionally the same weight as a ITW fastex pair (male and female) so you shouldn’t notice the extra weight on your sling. While there may be some variation in the production units I don’t see it being much more than 0.01 ounce.

Once the first batch is done I will be sure to announce them through all of our channels and have a link to the website for purchase.

As development on other projects and expanding APC has taken quite a bit of time the blog has not had much information put out. Look for that to change, not just with product of the week but other topics of interest. So stay tuned and be sure to hit check out Facebook and the APC website.

Stay sharp,


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