Size Matters…

…And bigger isn’t always better. Especially when it comes to gear for remote/tactical/austere/etc work. Smaller, more durable, lighter, etc are the characteristics professional adventurers are looking for.

This weeks product of the week lives up to the word compact. The Pocket BVM (manufactured by MicroBVM Systems Ltd.) is an adult Bag Valve Mask that is comparable in size to a couple of combat dressings (H Bandage or OLAES Bandage). Back in the day I would take whatever BVM I could find at a reasonable price and vacuum seal it. This worked OK but had a serious memory effect on the material which left you with about half of the tidal volume that the bag started out with, and often hampered ‘bounce back’ or reinflation after each respiration. It was an imperfect solution at best but it was what we had ‘back in the day’. Now with the medical industry actually interested in providers working outside of the hospital and even the urban street we are starting to see equipment that doesnt take up so much space, and some of it is actually getting lighter.

Some info from the manufacturer:

The Pocket BVM TM is Ideal for various emergency and clinical settings where resuscitation and breathing support to the respiratory distressed or non-breathing patient is required along side the space factor.
The Pocket BVM TM when packaged is a pocket sized fully functional BVM.
The Pocket BVM TM will replace any standard BVM by maintaining all the standard working factors and operation possibilities and will improve the use effectiveness by adding the accessibility, availability and last but not least maximize limited storage space by up to 75%.
The Pocket BVM TM advantages and capabilities
  • Up to 75% cube space reduction, space efficient
  • Textured grip to prevent slippage
  • Single Use eliminates cross contamination
  • Superior resistance to high/low temperature unaffecting bag re-expansion
  • An Endotracheal Tube can be connected to the Resuscitator
  • Deflector, see through mask
  • Peep valve adaptor can be attached
  • Ergonomic cushioned mask design fits securely to facial contours
  • Includes Bag, mask, patient valve, reservoir bag, inlet for oxygen drive line
  • Two independent Inlet Valves, The Resuscitator has two independent inlets, one for air, and the other for oxygen. When the Resuscitator is attached to an oxygen supply, it enables to Oxygen the patient.
  • The Pocket BVM TM is easy to use, without operational fatigue, it requires minimum pressure to be compressed and, due to its design, quickly recovers its shape, so as not to cause operational fatigue, even after extended continuous use.
    The Pocket BVM TM can be folded compactly to fit a small storage case.
  • The Pocket BVM TM Manual Resuscitators has enhanced performance and reliability. All equipment complies with the Safety Standards

While I have had this product for some time and been playing with one I dedicated as a demo I have been pleased with the durability. The case is not super tough but at the same time isnt over engineered thus adding unnecessary weight. Outside of the compactness the function is pretty standard of a BVM. It does not include an O2 hose, the green tubing is simply and O2 connection. In order to run O2 to this BVM you would need a double ended push fit section of O2 tubing. To me, this is a major issue as the times I will be using this I will most likely not be carrying an O2 tank and if I am I can spare an extra ounce for the extension tubing.

The valve to mask interface uses standard airway fittings, allowing you to connect to any standard airway device such as an ET Tube, King Tube, Combi-Tube, Trach, etc as well as any standard mask. Although, I have been very happy so far with the mas that is provided. It is flexible and gives good compliance as best I have been able to assess on manikins and living tissue. I have yet to have the opportunity to try one on a respiratory or cardiac arrest patient for myself. Considering that I have swapped out all my old vacuum sealed BVMs for the Pocket BVM, should the need arise (and hopefully it doesnt) I will be able to offer a report back on the function.

And no review would be complete without a few pics:

From Blog album

Diameter at the widest point (the outer ring of the case) is right at 5.25″.

From Blog album

Thickness measures in at 2.5″.

From Blog album

In comparison to a large OLAES Bandage.

From Blog album

Each component shown comes packed in the case, Mask-Valve-Bag-Reservoir.

From Blog album

In use with the included mask.

From Blog album

In use with a standard ET Tube.

In conclusion, if you need a compact BVM for your remote med bag check out the Pocket BVM from Micro BVM.

Where to get them:

Pocket BVM/Micro BVM now available at Austere Provisions Company

Before I sign off…

It has been a few weeks since a post, hopefully that will not be a trend. In the months leading up to SHOT everyone, including myself are working to get projects done in time for release early next year. I am looking to get out in the field and get some testing done on some survival gear and have an extensive list of tactical training planned for this fall and next year. So look for some great reviews as well as some AARs which I will be posting so customers, friends, and colleagues can keep up with our activities.

Anyway, that is all for tonight, stay sharp,


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