When you need a Trauma Kit….

You need it NOW.

This weeks Product of the Week is the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now. Since it’s release this design has interested me for a number of reasons. The pouch is based on two piece concept which we initially saw in tear off and cable release pouches. Downsides to these are that they are higher profile due to the multiple layers of material required to support the hook/loop attachment system. Some of these pouches are very good, and I have used a number of these but the thickness and protrusion from your armor has to be accounted for when setting your gear up. The Trauma Kit Now (TKN) functions on an insert and pouch concept where the removable portion that carries your med gear simply slides into a fitted pouch. This reduces overall bulk as well as ease of access as it takes minimal strength (as you may see in an injured arm) to slide the insert out vs. overcoming a large panel of hook/loop.

Another feature I particularly like about the TKN is the insert design. As opposed to simply making it a pull out pouch it is setup almost like a nylon surgical tray allowing me to lay it on or next to a patient and work from the ‘tray’ as opposed to setting off the med kit grenade that is seen in some kits where you have to pull ‘this’ out in order to get to ‘that’. Everything is exposed and easily accessed once the tray or insert is pulled out.

So let’s hear the manufacturers details:

Blue Force Gear redefines the commonplace first aid kit with the fastest one-handed trauma kit ever – the Trauma Kit NOW!™ Reach for the tab of Trauma Kit NOW! ™ and receive instant access to life-saving supplies even with an injured hand. Tapered carrier design allows the insert to clear the pouch regardless of how full the kit may be. Top of pouch has MOLLE webbing for attaching a Benchmade™ Rescue hook, Trauma Shears, or one of our Tourniquet NOW Strap™ tourniquet holders (available separately). Pouch flap has a Velcro loop field for medical ID patches.
Supplies not included.

Life Time Warranty!

Here is a few pics of one I have setup on a chest rig:

From Blog album

The MOLLE footprint for this pouch is 3 columns by 3 rows. Actual footprint, seam to seam, is 4.5w x 6.5h.

From Blog album

Pouch footprint.

From Blog album

Insert removed. (shown with TMS MED patch and TQN Strap, not included). Insert velcroes closed to allow it to be removed from a vest or belt and tossed in a pack or tossed to an injured team mate without loss of supplies.

From Blog album

Once the insert is opened all equipment is easily accessible, to the point that multiple providers could work from a single insert on the same patient.

From Blog album

Insert show empty.

In conclusion, I really like this pouch for both self-aid/buddy-aid setups as well as setup for medic-aid either carrying one or multiples on the medic’s second line or as rapid treatment kits on the exterior of a med pack. As well, this pouch easily holds both the APC Comprehensive Trauma Kit built for LMS Defense and the APC IC3 Med Kit.

Where to get it:

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now available at Austere Provisions

Until next time, stay sharp,


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