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And say thank you for all that you have and remember today, Memorial Day, is a day for those that paid the ultimate price for freedom so that the rest of us could enjoy the liberties we have. No matter your opinions on the direction this country is headed or where you would like to see it go remember that life would be very much different if it wasnt for those individuals that laid there life down for all of us.

In addition to being a day of remembrance, Memorial Day indicates the beginning of summer and while hydration is important any time of the year when you are working at max output it becomes particularly important when the heat gets cranked up. At Austere Provisions Company we have a few tools to help you stay hydrated and mission effective. One of those is the product of the week: Vitalyte ERS (Electrolyte Replacement Solution).

Vitalyte is one of those longstanding favorites of mine (Mike) that I have been using for years, since it was called Gookinaid. The first time I used this stuff was on my first trip to Central America where I participated in a 15 day expedition medicine course. I landed on training day zero and started that night. I knew ahead of time that hydration would be an issue as I would be well into the class by the time I was starting to acclimate, it didn’t help things that I was coming from the mountains of Virginia in January and the difference in temperature was 60-70 degrees. Knowing that I packed plenty of Gookinaid and water bottles. I kept myself to a strict hydration plan of basically keeping a water bottle within arms reach at all times and to constantly sip while at rest, prehydrate before heading to the field, and get a few gulps in on a regular basis when on the move. I stayed on a cycle of two liters of plain water to one liter of Gookinaid and I stayed well hydrated that entire trip.

It was only after that trip where I got lax during other training episodes where I ever really had issues with dehydration and when I really found Vitalyte/Gookinaid to be a lifesaver. Vitalyte has all the good for you stuff in it but doesnt taste like punishment while not having so much sugar in it that you slow hydration or worse. Vitalyte contains a balanced amount of sodium and potassium with a touch of glucose to help move things from the gut into the bloodstream, all of this in an isotonic mixture so your body doesnt have to flood your gut with water to dilute it down like some “sports” drinks. On top of all that goodness you have the option of four great flavors: Fruit Punch, Zesty Orange, Natural Lemonade, or Cool Citrus. My personal favorites are the Zesty Orange and Natural Lemonade.

Anyway, enough of my science lesson let’s look at what the manufacturer has to say:

Electrolytes are essential in the hydration equation. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or outdoor enthusiast; sick, pregnant, traveling or just hung-over, you’ll need something to combat dehydration. Enter Vitalyte™: a straightforward, simple electrolyte drink that replaces fluids, electrolytes and Vitamin C lost with dehydration.

Vitalytes electrolyte formula hydrates, replenishes, energizes and revitalizes, all while maintaining that perfect electrolyte balance of the four core electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. We pay special attention to the dynamic duo: sodium and potassium since these are the first two minerals lost and play the leading role in hydration. Our sodium/potassium balance is the ideal marriage for hydrating thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. Not too much sodium, not too little potassium and the optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium. And because Vitalyte is made almost entirely of glucose – the only sugar that doesn’t have to be digested – it’s isotonic which means that it matches to the body’s fluids that are being absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood, similar to an IV.

Rapid and effective, Vitalyte has no “extra” unnecessary ingredients to slow you down. Your blood volume increases, your energy is replenished and your thirst is conquered. It’s that simple… electrolytes replacing electrolytes. Period. We’ve done the research. We’ve done the math. And we feel that we’ve created the perfect formula for hydration. It’s up to you what to do next.

So, if you are a man (or woman) of action and need a hydration solution that can keep up with you, we believe that Vitalyte is the answer. As you may have read earlier, I said I had been using Vitalyte since it was Gookinaid. One of the nice things about the rebranding was that it brought about new sizes to suit your needs, everything from the stick packs to the original quart size up to the kilo size for hydrating a team or class.

Since I know you all love pics, here’s a few:

From Product Releases


From Product Releases


From Blog album


Where to get it? You know the deal…

Vitalyte Stick Packs in Flavorful Fruit Punch, Zesty Orange, Natural Lemonade, or Cool Citrus at Austere Provisions Company

Vitalyte Quart Packs in Flavorful Fruit Punch, Zesty Orange, Natural Lemonade, or Cool Citrus at Austere Provisions Company

Vitalyte Kilo Cans in Flavorful Fruit Punch, Zesty Orange, Natural Lemonade, or Cool Citrus at Austere Provisions Company

That’s all for this week, stay hydrated, stay sharp, and stay safe,


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