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at the LMS Defense Customer Appreciation Weekend in Reno June 11th (evening of) through June 13th. Austere Provisions Company is proud to be attending and will be bringing some gear and the opportunity to hear some schpiel about some of the gear we carry. What does this have to do with Product Of The Week you may ask? Well this week we will be reviewing the Austere Provisions Company Comprehensive Trauma Kit produced under contract for LMS Defense.

A little background:

This kit came at the request of John Chapman, Director of Training for LMS Defense, when APC was just a brainstorm of mine. Chappy was looking for a more comprehensive kit of multipurpose items than was currently available that also matched the Defensive Medicine curriculum LMS was offering. I worked up a couple ideas for a well rounded package with built in redundancy that would fit both the trained civilian shooter and the professional warrior on the front lines and the LMS kit was born.

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Included in the kit:

1-Olaes Modular Bandage 6″
1-H&H Primed Gauze
1-H&H Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape
1-Ultra Robertazi Nasal Airway, 30fr w/ Lubricating Jelly
1-SOFT-TQ Gen 2 Tourniquet
1-Alcohol Prep Pad
1-Iodine Prep Pad
2-Safety Pin
2-Large Exam Glove, Non-Sterile, Non-Latex, Violet in color
2-Medium Exam Glove, Non-Sterile, Non-Latex, Blue in color
1-14gax3.25″ Hypodermic Needle

So what makes this kit different from other kits? For starters we went with the Olaes Modular bandage which includes a bandage, packing material, and an occlusive dressing which we then backed up with Primed gauze for extra packing material or to be used in conjunction with the SWAT-TQ as a secondary pressure dressing. Following the redundancy pattern we went with a true windlass style TQ, the SOFT-TQ, and backed it up with the SWAT-TQ. Couple those items with our core recommended components of two pair of gloves, decompression needle, safety pins, alcohol and iodine prep pads, Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape and you are set to treat some major trauma.

Some of you may be thinking: “wow, thats a pretty cool kit but where do I get trained to use such stuff?” At LMS Defense! As I mentioned earlier this kit was designed to go with the Defensive Medicine Curriculum which you can check out here: LMS Defensive Medicine Link or maybe you want to step it up a little and take the LMS Defensive Medicine/Two Man Tactics Combo Course.

If you have taken one of these or any of the other LMS Defense courses then I hope you have signed up for the Customer Appreciation Weekend I mentioned at the beginning of this article. It looks to be a great opportunity to network with other students and instructors as well as see some of the students you trained so hard alongside over the last few years, all the while brushing up on skills and getting the latest and greatest updates that we all need to stay one step ahead the wolves of the world.

Austere Provisions Company Comprehensive Trauma Kit produced under contract for LMS Defense available now

Are you looking for a custom kit for your team, shooting club, or business? Contact me at mike@austereprovisions.com and we can discuss a build for you.

Stay sharp and have a good week,


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