Get a GRIP…

This weeks product of the week comes to us from Fastfire. If you read last weeks review you may have noted the mention of the Fastfire brand, a division of the SOLKOA company which provides equipment, training, and consulting to the government, military, and private sector. While the core of Fastfire is firestarting products this week we will be looking at the GRIP-S system:

From Product Releases

From the factory the GRIP-S system includes the following:

-(2) Universal Handles
-(4) Set Screws
-(2) Lanyards
-(1) 28″ Wire Saw
-(1) Phillips/Flat Head Screw Bit
-(1) Set Screw Adjustment Disc

Info from the manufacturer:

Solkoa’s Grip-S™ (Grip-Survival) are a pair of universal handles capable of holding a multitude of useful tools needed for field expedient improvisation beyond the capabilities of today’s domestic-use multi-tools. Designed for ultimate adaptability, durability and simplicity, Grip-S™ can hold any of the standard flexible wire saws, any universal shank saw blades (increasing your capability to cut and fabricate beyond wood including dense plastics, various metals, and even masonry and stone), and any round or hexagonal tools up to a quarter inch in diameter (including standard ¼” hex bits, metal files, drill bits, awls, etc.).

Info from use:

When I first found out about this product last year I was really excited about the possibilities of where it could be put into use. As someone who has used tons of survival gear and continue to try new stuff out I have used numerous ‘bargain bin’ wire saws and they have always come up short. The GRIP-S alone as a wire saw works like a dream however when you look at everything else that it is capable of you begin to see it as the latest “multi-tool” only limited by your imagination.

Quick vid of the wire saw in use against 9″ of finished hardwood:

While I initially looked at the system strictly from a survival perspective for use in shelter construction or anywhere else you may need to cut materials in a survival situation. However looking at other applications where you may need to use any of the accessories that the GRIP-S handles can harness the uses are endless. Need to drill whole? Drop a drill bit in the handles. Need to cut metal or plastics? Drop a bimetal or application specific recip saw blade and go to town. Need to reshape a material? Drop a file or rasp in. Any bit that will fit in a 1/4″ chuck will fit in the GRIP-S handles.

A few examples:

From Product Releases

The flat/philips bit included in the kit

From Product Releases

Files of various sizes (not included)

From Product Releases

Drill bits up to 1/4″ (not included)

From Product Releases

Recip Saw Blade (not included). I prefer the Lenox Fire & Rescue as a good general purpose blade.

So if you need a capable wire saw and foundation for a mission specific tool kit I would encourage you to look into the Fastfire GRIP-S.

Fastfire GRIP-S kit available at Austere Provisions Company

Until next week, stay sharp and keep your powder dry…


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