It’s one of those things that separates us from animals and has allowed us to make major advances throughout history. If you think about it, there are a very small number innovations at the dawn of man that are the foundation for where we are today. Fire is one of those. While that may be cool to think about and ponder the way fire helps us today is to provide heat to keep us warm, provide light, provide smoke (signal, cooking, or bug abatement), and provide you signaling ability.

So how do we get this fire started? One of the tools I keep in my survival toolbox is the Light My Fire USA FireSteel. Available in three sizes of rod (actual striker component): Mini with a life of approximately 1,000-1,500 strikes, Scout with a life of approximately 3,000 strikes, and Army with a life of approximately 12,000 strikes. The 12,000 strike rod comes in the Army size with a compact synthetic handle for field use or the Barbeque with a larger wooden handle for home or car camping type use.

From the manufacturer (Light My Fire USA):

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius. Its 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel’s dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. It has also found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues.

* Durable
* Works when wet
* Approved by the International Survival Instructors Association
* Produces a 3000°C (5,500°F) spark
* Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues
* Bright spark – can be used as emergency signal

Things I like about the FireSteel:

-Durable and simplistic design
-Puts out plenty of spark (good quality rod and well designed striker)
-Economical (easy on the wallet to add one to any survival kit)

A few pictures of the various sizes we currently carry at Austere Provisions Company:

From Blog album

Army Size with striker and lanyard

From Blog album

Scout Size with striker and lanyard (comes in a variety of colors as shown)

From Blog album

And the Mini with striker (lanyard removed to be carried on keyring as shown below)

From Blog album

After carrying for a little while I did a little hack work to shorten the overall length so that it stood out less (see below):

From Blog album

Here is a quick vid of the FireSteel Scout in use:

So if you need an effective means for starting a fire that can not be damaged by exposure to the elements take a look at the Light My Fire USA FireSteel in any size available now at Austere Provisions Company.

Light My Fire USA FireSteel Mini at Austere Provisions Company

Light My Fire USA FireSteel Scout at Austere Provisions Company

Light My Fire USA FireSteel Army at Austere Provisions Company

We have more Light My Fire USA products on the way and scheduled to deliver this week as well as a few fire related stock from another company. Look for info on those in the near future.

Stay sharp out there and have a great week,

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