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Something I am pretty serious about is low light gear. Spend enough uninterrupted time underground to kill a fresh set of batteries or in places where your survival rate drops pretty close to zero if you lose your light source and you will be too. Not to mention how helpful lights, headlamps in particular, are in low light environments. One of the first professional level lights I purchased was a Petzl headlamp (halogen twist on/off in the rear of the pile) and I have been using them ever since.

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As you can see I have used Petzl products for years and literally have put them in the hands of friends and family members that are deploying or traveling. As I mentioned last week my wife is currently on a medical mission to Central America. One of the pieces of trusted gear she took with her was her Petzl Tikka XP that I purchased for her a number of years ago when they first came out.

A relatively new twist on an established item is the TACTIKKA XP ADAPT Kit. This is based off the Tactikka XP which has been around for a number of years now (two gray lights, right front of picture). This kit includes the base light in black with a subdued headstrap and stabilizer strap (for rigorous activities), webbing/cloth clip, helmet/hard surface mount, filter set (red, blue, green), and a set of batteries. This kit allows the user to run this light in a traditional manner as a head lamp, attached to web gear or vests, or attached to a helmet (tactical or rescue).

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We are happy to offer the TACTIKKA XP ADAPT Kit, in stock now. Now some of you may be saying to yourself “self, this guy just did a review a few weeks ago on Princeton Tec lights and recommended those, what the deuce?” Well the answer is, I have complete faith in the lights that I recommend from both Petzl and Princeton Tec and good design and durability are not exclusive to one model or brand. After all, variety is the spice of life. You will be well served by any of the lights we carry for years to come.

Petzl TACTIKKA XP ADAPT available at Austere Provisions Company

Alright, ’till next week. Stay sharp and stay safe.


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