Big week

This week has been a big week here at Austere Provisions Company. In addition to regular duties of fulfilling orders and working on new projects this week was spent helping a team member (my wife) pack for a medical rotation to Central America. As many have heard me say in the past, we only carry gear that I would put in the hands of a family member, close friend, or team mate and it is no slogan or pitch. Much of the gear stuffed in those duffel bags that went out the door today are items we offer on the website and personally vouch for to our customers.

Some of the items headed south:

-APC Survival Kit
-Light My Fire USA strikers and matches
-Gerber Mini Multitools (will be up on the site soon)
-LRI/Photon Coin lights
-Klean Kanteen
-Petzl headlamps (also up soon)

Some brands that we recommend that are not currently offered (working on them but no visibility):

-MSR MIOX water purifier
-Littman Stethoscopes
-Corpsman EENT Kit
-Benchmade Knives

And a few items we will keep quiet for the sake of operational security.

We have a couple new products that will be up in the coming week including further offerings from QuikClot and Tac Med Solutions. Another order from LDI is on the way to round out the line of OV-2 lights. As well, another run of APC-LMS Comprehensive Trauma Kits will be built this week with extras going on the shelf.

Anyway, time to get some rest, got another big week coming up.

Stay sharp out there…


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1 Response to Big week

  1. Cynthia says:

    Many of those items have come in handy. Thanks for helping me prepare for this medical rotation in one of the most unpredictable and dangerous places I have ever been in my life (and on my own w/out you). Miss you bunches – "Mike's incredibly super hot wife"

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