Silver Lining…

This weeks product is another one of those pieces of gear that is built from the ground up with user feedback in mind: The H&H Silver H Bandage.

After fielding of the first Cinchtight bandages from H&H users requested a beefier “hook” for applying compression. Out of that feedback came the original H bandage with the heavy duty H hook with heavy duty attachment to the bandage itself. Soon after the fielding of the H bandage a special request came into H&H for a bandage that could be used in truly remote environments where evacuation may be limited or delayed and infection would be a major concern. While infection is always a concern, some environments and missions present special concerns where extra effort must be taken to reduce morbidity and mortality due to infection. H&H’s response, integration of a “totally antimicrobial silver mesh sheet” into the H Bandage.

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The Silver H Bandage is packaged flat to allow rapid identification and prevent confusion with the standard H Bandage, as shown in the picture.

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As shown in the picture above, you can see the 7″x9″ Silverlon layer over the actual pad of the bandage. Application requires no change in training for use of bandage and only a change in selecting whether the Silver H is appropriate for your mission. As well, while the Silver H is slightly more expensive, it is more economical than purchasing separate Silverlon dressings for use with a standard H Bandage. Comparison: A 4″x4″ Silverlon Dressing can cost as much as $10, when coupled with a standard H Bandage from Austere Provisions Company you are looking at a total of $18 for a smaller Silverlon bandage and integration of an extra step in application.

So, if you are planning for a mission where you expect a particularly dirty environment or extended evacuation times you may want to consider integration of The Silver H Bandage from H&H Associates.

Silver H Bandage now available at Austere Provisions Company

Have a good week…

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