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Introducing the latest and greatest from Laser Devices Inc., The Operative OV-2 Weaponlight:

From Product Releases

This is a light system that we at Austere Provisions Company are very excited to be offering. The OV-2 is the culmination of a significant amount of user feed back to create a lightweight, low profile, and multi-mission capable weapon light.

From LDI:

The OV-2 carbine lighting system has a modular design to meet the wide variety of today’s battlefield needs. Interchangeable On/Off/Momentary push button or remote cable pressure pad switching options, and the low profile MIL-SPEC-1913 offest mount provide flexibility in mounting and activation options. The OV-2 also integrates seamlessly with the DBAL-Ac or the ITAL-A & OTAL-A visible models using the optional dual remote cable switch. The OV-1 and OV-2 are available with either an incadescent lamp or a high intensity LED.

OV-2 Features:
-Rugged aerospace aluminum, MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized
-Choice of Incandescent or LED
*Shock absorbing incadescent lamp generates 95 lumens of bright white light
*recoil-resistant LEDs product 150 lumens of intense white light
-Deeply knurled non-slip grip
-Meets MIL_STD-810G for adverse environmental conditions
-Optional tip-off filters available in blue, red, and green. Infrared filters available for incadescent lights only.
-Manufactured in the U.S.A.!!!

What do we like about this light? This light was designed from the ground up to be compact and make use of every grain of metal, glass, and plastic that goes into it’s production. The heavy knurling and deep milling reduces overall weight while increasing gripping ability and efficiently shedding heat produced by the bright LED or Incadescent light module, all of this is accomplished while creating a super rugged body in a small package. A small enough package that it can be squeezed between rails instead of sticking off them like a sore thumb. Now some may say, this light isnt all that small whats the big deal? No other light currently on the market in this size offers the level of user adjustment as this light. This begins with mounting system:

From Blog album

This mount, as you can see, is offset allowing the light to be tucked between rails and can be oriented so that the light sits left or right and high or low, whichever the user desires. Why is this a big deal? When installed the OV-2 adds no more than half of an inch of overall width whereas comparable lights add as much as 1.5″ to width because they are mounted directly off the rail. This may not seem like much until you are moving through a concrete overwatch tower, your local mobile home turned meth lab, or a cave in some far and away land inhabited by bearded bad guys. At that point anything you can do to reduce your profile, streamline your gear, and move faster and quieter is a good thing.

In addition to being low profile and streamlined, the factory mount puts the OV-2 in a perfect position for use with laser aiming units as you can see below:

From Blog album

As you can see the light is mounted between the 12 and 9 o’clock rail does not interfere with the IR illuminator allowing full use of all accessory components.

So now that we have mounted the light what can we do with it? The setup I have been running primarily is a standard push button tail cap as you can see here:

From Blog album

This tail cap is one of three currently available and is a solid basic option. The button is click on/off and momentary if you push without clicking. The other option is a standard remote tape switch which is popular but the one that I am really excited about is the dual tail cap. For years I have run lights with dual tail caps. When I transitioned to smaller lights I had to give up my precious dual tail cap because no one has been building a dual tail cap for a compact weapon light. Why am I all torn up about the dual tail cap? I like to set my guns up so that the controls for all weapon lights, lasers, and illuminators to be ambidextrous. This can be done with tape switches alone BUT it takes up precious space on the 12 o’clock rail especially when positioning a tape switch for your light AND laser, not a perfect solution. With the dual tail cap I like to position the light so that when holding the weapon in the traditional form (right hand running the fire control group, left hand supporting) my left hand can activate the push button portion and when I transition to the alternative form (left hand running the FCG, right hand supporting) I can activate a tape switch positioned between the 12 and 3 o’clock rail. This allows me to keep a thumbs forward shooting position on my support hand, and leaves plenty of space to mount the tape switch for my laser on the 12 o’clock keeping it ambidextrous as well. Primary weapon nirvana!

Unfortunately I dont have a shot of the dual tail cap to post up. When I first got my mitts on one it still had not been released and I had to give the goodies back at the end of the day. Look for pics soon as we just order them.

So what do we have to offer on the shelves?

Currently we have the following in stock ready to ship:

From Product Releases

OV-2 LED package 1 at Austere Provisions Company

From Product Releases

OV-2 LED package 3 at Austere Provisions Company

From Product Releases

OV-2 LED package 5 at Austere Provisions Company

And what do we have on order:

From Product Releases

OV-2 LED package 2 at Austere Provisions Company

From Product Releases

OV-2 LED package 4 at Austere Provisions Company

OV-2 LED package 6 at Austere Provisions Company

OV-2 LED package 7 at Austere Provisions Company

In addition we will be adding individual components to allow you to build your own package should one of the predesigned ones not meet your needs.

As of last check Austere Provisions Company was the sole dealer of the OV-2 line which we are very proud of. We fully support the OV-2 line and offer full LE/MIL pricing support for all customers who can provide proof of affiliation with an LE/MIL/EMS/FD agency, unit, or department. Thanks for your service. In order to get the adjusted pricing for public servants please either email us at either for individual package pricing or you can register at our site and notify us at sales@austere with your login ID and we will give you access to the LE pricing for all packages and components.

Until next week, have a great weekend.


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