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Not a huge review today but a strong introduction for a new section of products. After working out the details we have added hemostatic agents to our medical line up. We have QuikClot products (ACS+ and Combat Gauze) on the shelf as of today and Celox Products (Celox-A and Celox Gauze) enroute with an expected arrival of early next week.

Hemostatic agents are not a new concept. Throughout history different substances have been used to encourage clotting in moderate to severe hemorrhaging, including pepper, salt, powdered liver, and just about anything else you can imagine under the sun. The first hemostatic agent I carried was horse liver that had been ground up and packaged in an aerosol can, marketed in Greece and significantly less expensive than the options available at the time. While it worked fairly well it was difficult to apply to deep wounds and wasnt easy to pack due to the size. The most popular option at the time was the original formula of QuikClot which as many know had a reputation for being quite hot when it came into contact with liquids, even to the point of causing 2nd degree burns in patients. This effect can be reduced by integrating a few steps into the application process although that is basically unnecessary due to the development of so-called cool formulation which are available from a number of companies. These new cool formulation hemostatic agents are a significant step forward, providing excellent hemostatic effect with minimal side effects and easier application through a move from granular powder type form to sponges, gauze, and even a syringe type delivery device (Celox-A) allowing you to get the agent into the base of the wound.

While hemostatics should not be considered a panacea for trauma patients or a replacement for effective training and conventional techniques for stopping moderate to severe hemorrhage they are an excellent tool to add to your tool box, aid bag, personal med kit, or any other med setup.

QuikClot Combat Gauze available at Austere Provisions Company

QuikClot ACS available at Austere Provisions Company

In other news, this upcoming week we will be closed from Tuesday the 2nd until the morning of Monday January 8th. I will be out of the office getting the first phase of my 6 million dollar man transformation done (translation: orthopedic surgery). You will still be able to place an order but it will not ship until Monday.

Any orders placed by midnight on Monday will be shipped prior to closing for the week, all other orders will ship the following Monday. I expect to be available for email late in the week if you have questions or need assistance.

I would also like to take a moment and say thanks to all my friends and family for the support during this down time and while it is not the most convenient time for this break it is necessary. As well I would like to thank all of my customers who have helped to kick this business off.

Thanks Everyone,


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