Back from SHOT

Got back this evening and wanted to do a weekly release. Due to SHOT Show we will not have a specific product of the week but instead discuss some of the upcoming additions the gear line up that came out of meetings at the show.

Going into SHOT Show I had quite a few meetings with manufacturers to setup accounts, preview new gear, provide feedback on current production, or to con them into building the gear the way we at APC want it. In the never ending pursuit of finding tougher, lighter, faster, more economical, and whenever possible American Made I stayed busy and found quite a few exciting new products. I dont want to give away too many secrets before final discussions are worked out and products are on the shelf but we are looking to add some awesome new gear for keeping gear dry and protected from the elements, professional grade survival and signaling equipment, gear for going on rope in the recreation and tactical environment, numerous new low light options including a weapon light with options that I feel like came from someone reading my mind (look for a review shortly, working on it now, followed by product on the shelf), and much much more. I am currently working on fleshing out some prototypes for new concept gear ranging from hardware to tactical nylon so keep an eye out for those.

In addition to all the new gear scoped out at SHOT a number of items are on order or have arrived while at the show including Vitalyte oral rehydration products in individual packets and liter packs which are in stock as well as the H&H TK-4L in bound now. Look for these to be up shortly.

As for the Austere Provisions Company kit naming competition, the name has been selected and the lawyers are doing what they do to confirm due diligence and make sure all is clear before release. Sorry for delay, a certain someone is still getting a freebie so no worries there.

That is all for today, check back next week for an awesome new product that I am very excited to offer.



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